TETRA consultancy


Consultancy solutions for the implementation of secure communications on TETRA systems



Warren Systems offers consultancy solutions in the challenging area of TETRA security and has direct experience of implementing security functionality on large national infrastructures. 

The following areas are covered:

TETRA Air interface encryption and general technical security

  • Systems threat analysis
  • Countermeasures assessment and advising on the appropriate levels of security required in a TETRA system.
  • Advising on the implications and benefits of implementing class 2 or class 3 air interface security and of introducing mutual authentication.
  • Advising on the use of cryptographic separation within a network and the implementation of direct mode security and their impact on fleetmapping.
  • Advising on IT security countermeasures.

TETRA End to end encryption

  • Defining User Requirements for the addition of end to end encryption
  • Scoping the project for the introduction of end to end encryption for special users on a TETRA network and production of work packages.
  • Producing functional and technical specifications for the procurement of end to end encrypted terminals and key management systems.
  • Setting up and managing tender evaluations for the procurement of end to end encrypted terminals and key management systems etc.
  • Organising key sharing and key distribution mechanisms
  • Advice on the balance to be achieved when using crypto separation and maintaining interoperability with end to end encrypted terminals.
  • Advising on secure handling procedures for end-to-end encrypted terminals.
  • Provision of training on setting up and operation of key management systems.            


General Security Consultancy

  • Ensuring that proper standards are used in order to ensure an interoperable approach. (where appropriate)
  • Advising on the proportionate level of security functionality to achieve sufficient protection and avoid excessive cost.
  • Advising on and implementing security management plans.
  • Putting system security governance structures in place. 
  • Security audit and accreditation.



TETRA Security Training- Barcelona October 22nd 2009--see TETRA Association website- www.tetramou.com